Who is meiko dating

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Who is meiko dating

It’ll be my first TRULY independent album release since 2007!Please watch this video for all the info, and then pre-order the album/ grab other exclusive items, if your heart so desires 🙂 In March, 2009, I was supposed to open up for Jason Mraz on a European tour. I was devastated but ended up booking some shows at SXSW to make use of my time. was impossible – even after saving up for years, I didn’t have enough to scratch the surface. We camped out in our backyard for a few weeks while repairs were made on the inside of the house.

Josh showed up, sat down, ordered, then proceeded to dip his toast in coffee, which I thought was a little unusual and kind of grody. We started playing around with a song called “Pretty Easy” (the demo version from this day is what we ended up putting on the album with a few tweaks, and it’s one of my favorite songs of the bunch). It was exhilarating and new …and THERE was my theme. So, it’s the day of the album release and I’m due any minute 🙂 Not exactly sure what’s in store for me, but I’m confident that I’ve made a beautiful record (and a beautiful baby) …We ended up going bar hopping all day, listening to new bands and drinking Red Bull & Vodkas.When we got to the last spot, Perez disappeared and I looked for him everywhere! I didn't update my LJ at all although I come to check communities everyday ^^" so...I can say that this LJ is not active for journal but user, ME, do active :)))that's all (lol)Ijou, Meiko S.

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When she was thirteen, he bought her a guitar of her own. "As soon as I learned a new chord," she says, "I wrote a new song." At eighteen, Meiko left her hometown to showcase her talents to a wider audience.

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