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Pauls and a stone throw away from the second site at Finsbury Square.

The block of former bank offices is only about 20 walking minutes away from the Occupy site at the Stock Exchange / St.And she really supports Occupy because they are standing up for the right reasons. You say it is their responsibility to get electricity.She admited that she used to be a banker 12 years ago - but is now totally angry with what trouble the financial system is causing. Well, one cannot use the word responsibility here, as everything is done on a voluntary basis - the Occupy movement is mostly made of people like you and me who joined together to bring change to the unfair society we live in.It came along with a radio ad campaign basically asking EVERYONE to spy on EVERYONE!!!Very much reminded me of what the Nazis and the East German Government once did to their people - STASI anyone? you NEED to report anyone with TWO MOBILE phones - just because terrorists apparently use two mobiles!!!

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