Victoria and nichkhun really dating

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Victoria and nichkhun really dating

However, the fact that he is a solo artist excludes him from the allure and restrictions that are generally placed upon members of idol groups.

In the case of male groups, it is best to appear present the illusion of an actual relationship, even when one is not present.

SM Entertainment confirmed the relationship on April 4 citing that Nichkhun and Tiffany share numerous commonalities including the fact that both idols have lived in the United States.

As noted in the breaking news story, this is the first idol relationship to be announced since BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung and KARA's Goo Hara.

Nichkhun was surprised that Victoria was not included in the world cup. Q3 : did u ever contact her when there’s no camera around? Q4 : did you feel confuse about fiction and reality? u guys should really see Khun’s reaction when the MC asked him those questions.(he smiled sooo~ sweetly every time the MC mentioned V’s name, and we can read more from his eyes :shyness?From necklaces to cellphone chains, passport cases and cellphone decorations, Tiffany and Nichkhun have shared the same items as captured in pictures.Also, in their respective album jackets, Nichkhun wrote, ‘The Silly little Young one,’ while Tiffany wrote, ‘the Silly bf’ in their thanks messages.Netizens picked out that ‘Young’ was referring to Tiffany’s Korean name, Mi Young, and thought that ‘bf’ in Tiffany’s message stood for ‘boyfriend.’ In December of 2009, a post came up on an online community saying, “A person my friend knows goes to the broadcast station a lot and knows some of the employees there.So when stories about Tiffany and Nichkhun come out, they all knew that the two are dating.” Then on April 2, there was a post that read, “This mother I know is related to a SNSD member.

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) have proven to be trendsetters in 2014 by announcing the relationships of their members.

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