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Since the face to face sexual positions are more often used in our culture, after some months of intercourse using mostly the face to face positions, the roof of the vagina becomes accustomed to the sensations produced by the penile rim.

However, you can give the woman different penis-vagina sensations when making love in this way by deliberately moving the pressure of the penis more onto one of the other vaginal walls.

She may simply not wish to go for orgasm on every occasion you make love.There is, however, one important point to remember: the woman should do nothing at all to stimulate you until she is herself well on the way to the point-of-no-return.As soon as she begins some form of stimulation on you, you should abandon your control and go along with her.In fact, you can bring yourself off more quickly by this means of stimulation than by any other.But if you have a high degree of ejaculatory control, it is more likely than not that you can bring your woman off just by doing this alone.

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In addition to pressing the penis against one of the vaginal walls, the penis is pulled 'out of straight' and lies across the vagina, so that while three-quarters of the shaft is exerting pressure on one vaginal wall, the head of the penis nudges gently into the rear section of the opposite wall.

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