Steve jones dating mikita

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T-55 O' Neill, Jeff 3 One of top scorers for Toronto Maple Leafs. T-61 Aikman, Troy 3.2 Improving rapidly thanks to work at Cowboys G. T-61 Maddux, Greg 3.2 Baseball's winningest pitcher in the '90s. T-63 Rashad, Ahmad 3.4 Before TV career he was a Pro Bowl receiver.

T-63 Manning, Peyton 3.4 Played at Pine Valley, San Francisco G. T-65 Wakefield, Tim 3.5 Red Sox fan favorite downplays his golf ability.

14 Mc Gwire, Mark plus-0.7 Ex-Cardinals slugger played high school golf 15 Favre, Brett plus-0.8 Packers QB can play to scratch during NFL's off-season. T-18 Fuhr, Grant 0 Goaltender won five Stanley Cups with Oilers.

T-33 Del Negro, Vinny 1.4 Ex-NBA guard plays at Scottsdale's Whisper Rock. T-36 Rypien, Mark 1.8 Super Bowl MVP in '92 when Redskins beat Bills.RANK NAME HANDICAP COMMENTS 1 Rhoden, Rick plus-2.5 Won 151 games as a major-league pitcher; has won 43 golf tournaments on the celebrity tour.Some athletes might occasionally have the same—or better—handicaps, but we're confident Rhoden is the best of this bunch right now.T-25 Savard, Marc 0.7 Boston Bruins star tried Canadian Tour Q school.27 Theismann, Joe 0.9 Ex-Redskins QB is TV commentator.

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T-65 Jansen, Dan 3.5 Won Jordan's event in January with Stone Phillips.