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Social class dating

The place is massive and teeming with nesting couples.At first the whole scene made me feel a little lonely—I'm 27 years-old and have never lived with a woman (although my roommate Scruff certainly has, um, feminine tendencies).

What I didn't realize is you don't "pop in" to Ikea; you immerse yourself.I’ve leaned away from dating guys with “some college” towards dating guys with advanced degrees. There are so many other factors that go into the dating equation that changing one component of the equation doesn’t seem to make an obvious difference in the quality of my dating life. The question has now come back to me, full circle…who am I to require a certain level of education or social standing in a potential partner? I sighed to myself, thinking about how staying inclusive to your perceived class was such an awful concept. Through friends of friends, I had met a nice guy a few weeks earlier. I nervously asked myself if I was engaging in the class-exclusive mindset, just like the friend I had scoffed moments before?After calming myself down, I realized that I didn't have class warfare on the brain.

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But then I took out my earphones and realized that many of the Susie and Sammy Homemakers weren't as happy as they first appeared. I wouldn't wear that lampshade on my head after after ten kamikaze shots." I left with a bag of frames and a new-found appreciation for my independence. But that wasn't my only exciting activity this weekend—I also sat around by myself on Friday and watched TV.

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