Risks of sedating your cat creative dating lds

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Risks of sedating your cat

Perhaps your pet doesn't travel well or gets stressed out by vet exams or professional grooming.

There are many ways to calm down your cat in stressful situations — some medical and some non-medical.

Anesthesia can be scary, but your fears can be minimized with knowledge.

Bob was sedated this week and his teeth were cleaned and evaluated.

Unfortunately, numerous teeth were surgically extracted but Bob recovered beautifully.

Do your research on all methods to determine which will be best for your pet.

I would also like to know that emergency drugs in doses appropriate for my pet are readily available.

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Bednarski says, “Modern anesthesia, which I define as an anesthetic plan customized for each individual that takes into account each animal’s…health risks, is very safe.” Knowing that, along with the questions I can ask my veterinarian about anesthesia, helps to relieve my concerns.