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Visitors should pay close attention to the daily forecast, and should plan their beach days accordingly.For more information on Outer Banks weather, including local hurricanes, visit our website often to see the forecast for your upcoming Hatteras Island vacation!We may soon know what became of the colonists, but as of today, it remains one of the most intriguing mysteries in early American history.Among the first visitors to the barrier islands that stretched from the Virginia Capes to Georgia during the period from 1500s to 1725 were pirates and former privateers who had been under the protection of the British Crown.North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a unique part of the long chain of barrier islands stretching from Virginia to the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico.Over many long years, giant sand dunes have built up with constant wind pressures changing the landscape on a daily basis.The wind and waves that created these islands also afford visitors some of the best water and kite sport locations in the world, along with panoramic sunny skies and constant cooling breezes perfect for any outdoor activity.

Outer Banks weather can also change within minutes, and it’s not unusual for a summer thunderstorm to quickly pass through a region along the Outer Banks on an otherwise sunny day.So much adventure and relaxation is waiting to be discovered here on the North Carolina Outer Banks, you just have to find it.The local Outer Banks weather is generally mild with seasonal temperatures that seldom dip below freezing or rise above 80 degrees.When he returned, there was no trace of the Colony, except for two words carved in a tree, “CRO” and “CROATOAN.” He left without knowing what had happened to his friends and so began the story of .Some scholars think Indians killed the colonists, while others think the English settlers moved farther inland to better farm land.

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Get a fast ship, a destitute crew that would do anything, and go “a-pirating.”The ships going back to Europe were usually lightly armed, slow and laden with gold and silver–well worth the pirates’ efforts.

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