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Oromo single dating

The Qeerroo, also called the Qubee generation, first emerged in 1991 with the participation of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in the transitional government of Ethiopia.

In 1992 the Tigrayan-led minority regime pushed the OLF out of government and the activist networks of Qeerroo gradually blossomed as a form of or Oromo nationalism. These are predominantly students from elementary school to university, organising collective action through social media.

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These demands gradually emerged to create solidarity with other ethno-national groups, such as the Amharas, who also have grievances with the regime. The government reaction has been violent and suppressive.

Because of this dominance the Oromo people have become aliens in their own country, lost ownership of their land and have become impoverished.

What was different about these demonstrations was that, for the first time, all Oromo branches came together in coordinated action to fight for their national self-determination and democracy.

Despite being the largest ethno-national group in Ethiopia, the Oromo consider themselves to be colonial subjects.

This is because they have been denied equal access to their country’s political, economic and cultural resources.

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What the world knows as Addis Ababa is also known to the Oromo as their capital, “Finfinnee”.

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