Ms excel consolidating worksheets

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Ms excel consolidating worksheets

You continue to define reference ranges until they are all complete.

End(xl Up)(2) Next End Sub............................ Above code will work only on single worksheet, if I have multiple worksheets then how I can pull data and if I want to pull data from specific cell like A2, B4, D6 & K35. I have a MACRO VBA worksheet that i have created to help track different process for jobs i give to contractors. Each tab is formatted the same, but is there a reason why this might not be working? - Some of my sheets have formulas that allow for the user to enter a quantity and then that quantity multiplies down through that sheet - The multipliers can be different on the separate sheets. Michael (Micky) Avidan“Microsoft®” MVP – Excel (2009-2014)ISRAEL "Combined" Then Application. My first thought was to edit the macro and replace Paste with Paste Special Values, but on closer inspection I saw there is no paste command in the macro! This is fantastic - I don't work in VBA, so being able to cut and paste this and run it is FANTASTIC - Is there a way to copy only the values over to the combined sheet created? ) Excel versions (2002-2013) because it ia not limited to row 65536.

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But it's still showing up as "Sheet63" and completely blank.

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