Is lewis hamilton still dating nicole

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She was required to wear a bra, underwear and garters; however, Scherzinger wasn't comfortable in her own body.

Once finishing recording the group's debut album, Scherzinger began working on her solo album.

Her work as lead singer furthered Scherzinger's popularity as she continued to work on her own music.

Scherzinger's first solo recording was a feature on Avant's "Lie About Us" that was released in July 2006 and later collaborated with Diddy on "Come to Me" which became Scherzinger's first solo top-ten hit on the US Billboard Hot 100.

she's just not much of a musician, nor [does she] understand music." Warner Bros.

and Sire Records signed the group to a recording contract before the band was named and had finalized its membership, due to the hours of network television exposure the group would receive.

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