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The application of radiometric dating techniques began early in the 20th century.The quantitative methods provided by these techniques had the potential for dating divisions of the geologic time scale and for estimating the age of the Earth itself.

These rocks extend from the Cambrian to the Permian, but rocks of the Ordovician and Silurian periods are missing.

Thus, the Paleozoic Era refers to ‘‘ancient life,’’ the Mesozoic Era to ‘‘medieval life’’ and the Cenozoic Era to ‘‘modern life.’’ Rocks older than Paleozoic generally lack diagnostic fossils and are widely known as belonging to the Precambrian Era.

This era included about 80 percent of Earth's history, that is, from nearly 5 billion years to 800 million or 700 million years ago. Rock deposits that relate to or were formed during a certain period of time constitute a system of rocks.

It lists the succession of rock depositions that are recognized on and immediately beneath the Earth's surface.

The standard stratigraphic column, based on fossil plant and animal assemblages from different European strata, is used to date fossils in strata from other parts of the Earth and is the foundation of the geologic time scale.

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Near the botton of the 1.6-km- (1 mi) deep Grand Canyon, a complex of deformed and metamorphosed rocks lies unconformably below the lowest Cambrian sedimentary rocks (Figure A2).