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“I think for some people, that kind of relationship could be quite fulfilling in itself,” she says. In the old days, they could be very meaningful.” The key is that both parties need to be on the same page.

“Some people are looking for a spouse, some people are just looking for novelty,” she says. “I think people should cut to the chase and get together as soon as possible.

C., who in recent months found a “peach” of a girlfriend and left the online scene. I didn’t have the time to waste.” Harem scarem Why would someone spend all that time communicating with a person they never planned to meet?

“One woman was always popping up on chat programs — ‘What are you doing? ’ This went on for a month and then I proposed we meet. Giorgi says he thinks some singles just like to collect “cyber-harems.” “I have a friend who’s on a dating site and I can see that a lot of the people from the site have started following her on Facebook,” he says.

There's the Don Juan who says he's single, but isn't.

“The first date it was the stomach flu and then it was everything from a missed flight to a last-minute meeting to his uncle dying to getting lost to falling asleep.” La Personerie says she knew something was hinky within three weeks, but became intrigued — both with the guy (there was a definite click when they talked on the phone) and with his elusive nature.

“We only corresponded via phone or IM or whatever, but he really knew who I was,” she says.

“He got under my skin even though I knew something was wrong.

I wanted to figure it out.” World-class liar What she eventually figured out was that her online admirer was a world-class liar.

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Then he starts playing the hurt puppy and sending passive-aggressive texts.

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