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Unlike Singer, they did not offer many different models, or change models very often.

Their engineering was extremely good, and their products stood the test of time.

Some were a lovely copper/bronze color, and some had a black krinkle finish.

I believe the bronze ones were earlier than the krinkle finish.

The bronze were offered in a beautiful cherry library table of quite good size.

Their library table and Martha Washington sewing cabinet model electrics are classics, as is the Mission or Arts and Crafts treadle. Their record and numbering system is/was not as organized as Singers, so there are some problems.He was a bit of a wastrel, and was in serious danger of losing the family fortune.While traveling in America, he noticed a White sewing machine.Hopefully, you can use the list for a quick check on the age of your White. The tension was by means of a nut on the machine head, but had no dial.If you call the Husqvarna/Viking/White company at 1 800 446-2333, they will date your machhine for you. Books credit it through the 1880's but White records show it continuing into the 1900's. VS III came out in the 1890's and had the tension dial, similar to the FR models. White records start in 1900 1368882 1903 1759040 1915 1800124 1919Family Rotary - The Family Rotary, or FR, came out in the 1890's, and in various models continued well into the 1930's.

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The introduced their VS machine in the late 1870's and manufactured it with minor improvements into the early 1900's.

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