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If you’re touring Seoul and want to meet younger and more open-minded Korean women then I recommend staying here. You can watch my tour of it below: It’s right next to the subway so if you want to around Seoul then you’re minutes away from solid transportation. At the Incheon airport ask the information center where the bus to Hongdae is.

Hongdae also has a lot of bars and clubs for you to have fun in. You can also find out how to get to the hotel by clicking for directions here.

Keep going until you see a bar called ‘Helios’ on the other side.But, as Lotte Jeffs discovers, messing around can get a bit messy When Lily Allen confessed last month to being a Tinder tourist — using London’s most popular dating app purely for voyeuristic fun — it was just the endorsement I needed to take a little Tinder mini-break of my own.I’m not a smug married mum of two like Lily, but I’ve been in relationships since the dawn of internet dating, so I’ve never had the ego boost of uploading a picture, crafting the perfect profile and waiting for declarations of lust from people who start their messages ‘hello beautyful lady’ to flood in. I thought she’d be a bit jealous, but would understand that this was a research trip.Prepare yourself for ‘cuffing season’* this winter and get acquainted with the puzzling (and creative) terminology used online today.operates a unique three-stage member authentication process, including photo verification.

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If you want to more about Seoul South Korea then click on the link.

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