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This part of the road is well marked by different sites, especially for Muslim time when it was described in guidebooks as a transit corridor with two branches: i) through Osh - Medva (Mady) to the south in Alai valley and further through Terek-Davan to Kashgar; ii) from Osh to Uzgen, further through mountain passes, to the valleys of inner Tien-Shan and then split near At-Bashi, in two branches, first went through Tash-Rabat and Torugart passes to Kashgar, and the second - to the southern coast of Issyk Kul, through Bedel pass to Aksuu.

Local parts of this route served other areas of Fergana, in particular, the northeast of the valley, where through Chanach pass (Chatkal ridge) and Kara Buura pass (Talas Ala-Too) connected with routes across northeastern territories.

It is considered, that these passages were already known in antiquity, by virtue of which intensive contacts of Hans with Semirechie, particularly, with Chui and Talas valleys, Issyk Kul took place.

In II-IV centuries AD the road through Bedel pass and southern Issyk Kul was already in regular use.

A male weightlifter from Kyrgyzstan became the first athlete at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics to be stripped of a medal after a positive drug test.

A Moldovan canoeist also risks losing his bronze medal after being suspended for alleged doping.

Thus, for Kyrgyzstan these parts of the Silk Road, representing also three chronological periods (antiquity, early to late Middle Ages) were in priority.CAS referred the case to the international weightlifting federation for possible further sanctions against Artykov, who could face a two-year ban from the sport.The federation and the IOC were asked to decide on the reallocation of the medal.In a brief statement, the ICF said he will "now no longer be eligible and will face provisional suspension" under anti-doping rules.ICF spokesman Richard Pettit told The Associated Press that Tarnovschi's medal had been removed pending the outcome of a hearing.

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Several other positive tests are in the process of being heard by CAS, which is handling doping cases at the Olympics for the first time.