Dating questions for guys

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If you could walk around with a theme song playing in the background, what would yours be?A theme song would describe your date in a nutshell (or the person he wants to be).Figure out what genre of music your date likes best and if you haven’t heard his favorite song, ask him to play it and listen closely to the lyrics. A legacy is one of the reasons people work hard (well, besides money). Ask about cool family traditions and share yours as well.

There is a thin line between a crush and an obsession though, so make sure he’s not into her in a creepy stalker kind of way.If your food is bad at a restaurant, would you say something?An assertive guy would speak up and let the staff know BUT without being a jerk about it.Being an ass to your server is a total no-no and a huge red signal! If he says yes, you could be coy and say “Maybe you could whip me up something sometime”.If on the other hand, he doesn’t choose to say anything he could be a pushover.34. If not, you could go with “Maybe we should try cooking something together someday”. You might learn that he likes to actually play sports instead of just watching it on television.

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If he chooses a simple designer or brand (or doesn’t pick one at all), he may be a “get up and go” type of guy who doesn’t care about being the next GQ cover model.9. Those who practice cross fit or weight lifting may take a more “manly” approach to life.