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Dating my skillet

Top with a a big scoop of ice cream and enjoy a delicious homemade dessert.Besides being a beautiful addition to our Fiesta collection, the Foundry Skillet takes the classic look of Fiesta and gives it a new twist.Although the Rome plant began early on to experiment with Bakelite; wooden handled, tin lined, copper cookware was continued as the bulk of Revere’s cookware production through the mid 1930’s.Reflecting a shift in manufacturing emphasis, all reference to the original Rome Manufacturing Company was dropped from the hallmark.

Initially, they proved expensive and were difficult to adapt to then-current manufacturing methods.But it’s a treat I can make at home for us to share, and with the help of Fiesta, it’s easier than ever.Earlier this year Homer Laughlin China released their Fiesta Foundry line, a new twist on their household favorite bakeware.In 1932, Chester Mc Creery (A Rome Manufacturing salesman now working for Revere) suggested that substituting chrome plating for the the tin lining in copper cookware should greatly improve durability.Although logical, the concept was accepted without proper testing, and disgruntled housewives soon found that cooking potatoes together with salt caused the chrome plating to simply flake off – OOPS!

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While research continued on the new cookware surface, the Manufactured Products Division continued to produce their existing line of cookware at the Rome NY factory, developing additional expertise in high-quality metal forming techniques.