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Dating example information architecture

This checklist has been created to help agencies to consider key issues for website information architecture in the Australian Government context.The items in the checklist are, however, not mandatory.May 2004 (organisational details updated January 2008) Australian Government departments and agencies have developed a range of websites and intranets that provide information and services.Over time, these sites have grown, and the information architecture - the way in which the information is structured on the site - has become more important.Note that IA is closely tied to issues such as navigation, metadata, usability testing, usage analysis and search facilities.It is not intended to cover these issues in this checklist.For example, architects could use diagram software such as Visio, Omni Graffle and Dia to create flow charts of how users navigate through information or a tree or map of how information is interconnected.

This documentation is also a reference guide for maintainers, providing important directions on how to preserve the IA design over time.This checklist was developed with the assistance of Australian Government agencies.In particular, we would like to thank the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Health Insurance Commission and the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.Identify the target audience and their needs A good IA can address both business goals and user needs.User needs include both the activities users will want to undertake on the website and the information they want.

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For further information about these issues, consult the following checklists: This checklist focuses on the information organisation and structure aspects of IA.

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