Dating benrus watches

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Dating benrus watches

During the II World War appeared to be the time if a huge growth for Bernus company which was busy with military watches production as many other watch producers.Moreover Bernus signed a lot of secret contracts this time.This fact was destroying for Bernus brand, which made its models only on Swiss made movements.Starting from 1952, Bernus company was buying Hamilton shares. It also should be mentioned that for Bernus it was rather huge deal. This particular movement is signed Benrus and is one of their hacking movements (which means that the sweep second hand stop when the crown is pulled out so that military operations could be synchronized down to the second). These vintage military watches are in style right now. Band: Will ship on a padded black leather strap or military style nylon strap. Shipping: Domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail, fully insured.Benrus is an American watch company, which was founded in New york in 1921 by three brothers-immigrants – Oskar, Benjamin and Ralph Lazrus.It has total voting authority even at president voting.However Hamilton company put the law on Bernus, stating that it brakes the laws, trying to control Hamilton totally. Gradually all Benrus manufactures were closed and in 1960 Ralph Lazrus died.

In this very time Lazrus brothers decided to start up a company which could make watches.

No.: GSA-NY-BR-3999-1F/DD2 Serial No.: 081289 Date: April 1966 Crown: Original unsigned crown. 24 hour dial with some beautiful patina, particularly on the original lume. Sub seconds dial Crystal: Acrylic crystal recently polished. The watch was completely disassembled, the appropriate parts were cleaned in the ultrasonic and then oiled using the finest quality Swiss Moebius oils.

My master watchmaker has performed a full inspection and servicing on this watch. Rather than buying a modern watch that’s pretending to be a vintage military piece, why not buy the real deal that will continue to increase in value and rarity as time goes on. International orders, will ship via Fedex International or USPS International.

Hapden also tried to revive Benrus by the name Hampden/Fantasy, but the idea was not served to live for a long lime. Wonderful gilded stainless steel Benrus watches were designed and made perfectly.

They became real pieces of art in any collection of collectors.

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After the war in Bernus company other members of Bernus family continued to work.