Dating ancient workds

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Dating ancient workds

Maybe the same writer went back and crafted a much longer version later to serve a new purpose.

These are new questions without definitive answers yet.

In the effort to popularize these big topics the programmes are as misleading as fiction.

Describing Ptolemy as Alexander's "boyhood friend and food taster" and "Mr Fix-it" is incredibly glib and merely pulls out a couple of facts to present a character portrait.

This happens frequently in the New Testament: the writers regularly quote Hebrew scriptures to back their claims about Jesus.

Westar Fellow Dennis Mac Donald, among others, has pointed out the influence on Christian writings of such Greco-Roman writings as Homer’s , and even popular novels. I remember sitting in a seminar once where Dennis Mac Donald reminded everybody that an allusion really only works if you can recognize the source.

Although the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple is “predicted” in Matthew 24:1–2, it is more likely that the writer of this text about the destruction of the Temple.

Jesus was leaving the temple area on his way out, when his disciples came to him and called his attention to the sacred buildings.

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If somebody talks about the Jerusalem Temple being torn down stone by stone, odds are they are writing during or after but certainly not before the destruction of the Temple in 70 .

If tips #1 & #2 help you narrow down the possible date.

We know Mark comes before Matthew and Luke because those gospels quote Mark, often word-for-word.

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