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Soon after settlement, James Oglethorpe took Tomochichi on a visit to Charles Town, SC with him; his positive reception there helped lead Oglethorpe to make the decision to take Tomochichi and a group of Yamacraws to England the following year.On July 11, a group of 42 Jewish settlers arrived in Georgia.None of the original settlers aboard the Anne were debtors, and few ever settled in Georgia.See This Day in Georgia History for February 1, 1733.James Oglethorpe and a party of settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the ship Anne to begin settlement of the colony of Georgia.They first arrived off the coast of Carolina, then negotiated permission to settle from Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi.They were led by Pastor Johann Martin Boltzius, and established the settlement of Ebenezer.James Oglethorpe took Tomochichi, his wife, nephew (and his successor), and a group of five Yamacraw warriors to England.

The Georgia Trustees named William Stephens secretary for the colony.The Trustees had earlier decided not to allow Jews in the colony, but James Oglethorpe allowed them to land - largely because one of them was a doctor - Samuel Nunes.While there was some controversy amongst the Trustees regarding the new settlers, they were ultimately allowed to remain in Georgia.Soon after Whitefield’s arrival, he visited Tomochichi - once on May 16 (no one was there to speak English and interpret), then again on May 20.In England, the Princess of Wales gave birth to a son, who would become King George III, from whom the American colonists would declare their independence in 1776. He was buried in Percival (later renamed Wright) Square in Savannah; James Oglethorpe served as one of his pall bearers.

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After the building of Frederica, James Oglethorpe returned to England to report to the Georgia Trustees in person.

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