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In a recent news, Drake reportedly closed off the VIP section when he was out one night.He even told bouncers to not allow any women inside." The speculation grew bigger when he posted another entries saying "We cheat for sex, just to f--k, but when a woman cheats, she cheats for love and affection." Although Rihanna and Chris Brown's reunion romantically is impossible, they sure both are going through some emotional turmoil to deal with lately.

Despite this, Rihanna seemed to have no plans in getting back with Chris Brown after she revealed her insights about the idea to a source.A source revealed in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life that hooking up and dating is fine.But if Drake ever proposes to Rihanna, Brown will not take it.Rumors say that Rihanna recalled her relationship experiences with Chris Brown back in year 2008 through 2013.She dubbed the relationship as a "mistake" and she reportedly showed no interest in whatever Chris Brown is doing to get her attention.

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An insider close to the couple reported that Drake is loyal and dedicated towards Rihanna and that they are ready to commit to each other.

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