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Click on your animal to find out the animals with which you have the most and least compatibility.

If you don’t know your animal use our Chinese Zodiac Calculator to discover your animal.

There are two main schools of thoughts regarding the transformation stars.

The only difference between the two schools is the transformation stars during Geng period, like year 2010.

Why not take a look at how the Chinese Zodiac determines dating and compatibility issues.

Hence, these twelve animals form the Chinese Zodiac.

This is because Chinese New Year normally starts around late January to mid February of Solar/Western date.

Also, Chinese day starts from 11pm and ends at pm of a normal solar/western day.

Please deduct your birth time by 1 hour if you are born during daylight saving time.

For example, if you are born at am during daylight saving time, adjust your birth time to am and select am to am time from the drop-down time list.

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It is assumed that the year in question is already in the period of Chinese New Year.

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