Charge intimidating shout macro

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Charge intimidating shout macro

The inability to stay on a target is part of the reason dual-wield Fury is less effective in pvp, as Fury is mostly geared towards constant, sustained dps.

Crit is an important stat here, although countered once resilience starts being stacked. Some classes (Mages instantly come to mind) have effective skills that can be supplemented by good gear.

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This is so vital if you want any chance of doing well.

Melee often involves you having to turn sharply to keep your opponent in front of you.

In either case, the point is moot; Fury doesn't have Mortal Strike, which is what makes the Warrior a competitive class in Arena. Burst damage is the amount of damage you can put out instantly, or near instantly - within 4 or 5 seconds, maxing at around 6 seconds. If you have the rage for it, along with 3/5 Flurry (or more), you are looking at (at least): 2x auto attacks 1x Mortal Strike 1x Whirlwind 1x Imp Slam (used first, and assuming you opened with an Intercept charge which will guarantee it hitting before they escape the stun) Again, this is considering a slow 2-handed (2H) weapon, 3.6 or slower, Flurry up, and a lot of rage.

The other trinket slot is up to you, though some are reviewed later on in the guide for their general pvp use.

Key Bindings ------------ As melee, you must bind your abilities to keys.

You will rarely, if ever, get a chance to do that entire sequence on one-target without being interrupted, or CC'd, but it demonstrates what exactly burst is. First of all, it's instant (or near instant) damage, and because of it it is incredibly difficult to heal through, to retaliate against, and it also psychs players out watching their health drop like that. Second, it is the only type of damage you will be capable of in a PVP situation as a warrior.

Warriors are incredibly weak against CC (crowd control, such as sheep/Frost Nova/snares) and because of this there are MANY times you will only get to be on a target for a limited amount of time, before you are snared and they are out of melee range.

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;) With this in mind, I decided to focus on Warrior PVP, and create a primer and reference that could hopefully teach players tips and tricks they don't know.

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