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Atmos clock dating

Le Coultre continued to sell the Atmos I while it was developing the Atmos II, which the primary improvement was the change from an ammonia and mercury "bellows" to a canister filled with ethyl chloride.

By January 15, 1936, Le Coultre announced its "new" Atmos and they were still using the 30" A calibre movement. By November of 1936 the Atmos I production was stopped completely.

Annual production of these movements was between one and two thousand for years 19.

On July 27, 1935, CGR agreed to transfer all production to Le Coultre and all remaining stock and work in process.

All its other parts, too, are not only of the highest precision, but also practically wear-free.

After which, many end up in the very best homes, because for decades now the world's most celebrated watch-making country has been presenting its distinguished guests with this masterpiece of Swiss artistry.

The Atmos has had the honour to be associated with great statesmen, royalty, and other renowned people including John F.

The Atmos II and the Atmos III have serial numbers ranging from around 4,000 to 59,999 and production went from 1936 until late 1955.

The Atmos V consist of the caliber 526 and the Atmos VI, VII, and VIII consists of the caliber 528 and the 528/1 represents the Atmos VIII. The important point here is that this is the last of the "genuine" Reutter design Atmos made and production stopped late in 1983.

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On June 01, 1929, Compagnie generale de radio (CGR) created a department devoted to the manufacture and sales of the Atmos clock.