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High prices not only mean high margins, they also act to control demand, making it somewhat easier to handle problems that come with any truly new model.And those who are willing to pay more are often more understanding, too.If Apple wants to hear the other (even bigger) one, Tim Cook will have to give me a call.Apple doesn’t need to buy Time Warner to dominate the TV and movie businesses. Nor do they have to even enter the content creation business in the same sense that Amazon and Netflix have. Nearly all original ideas in Hollywood, and anywhere else visual entertainment is made, begin in the mind of a writer.Leave it to me, then, to tell Apple how to get its mojo back.I have two ideas right now that qualify but I’ll only give one here.

With the exception of technical standards bodies, where Apple shines, the company just isn’t out there. And to my knowledge nobody from Apple has been out stealing anything for a long time.

In addition to their nifty OLED finger bar above the keyboard, these new Macs seem to have gained an average of 0 over the preceding models of the same size.

After first getting out of the way the fact that Apple is still the richest public company in the history of public companies, let’s take these questions in reverse order beginning with the Mac Book Pros.

And why are the new Mac Book Pros so darned expensive?

Why didn’t Apple, instead of AT&T, buy Time Warner?

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Yet writers, like most actors, are notoriously underpaid.