Adult singles dating dalton nebraska

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Adult singles dating dalton nebraska

The bottom, or haft, portion of the Dalton point was made to be concave at the base and tapered so that it would fit into a handle or a spear shaft.

As Dalton points were re-sharpened, they began to exhibit an obvious bevel on opposing faces of the blade.

The Dalton point was named after Judge Sidna Poage Dalton, who had found numerous Dalton sites in central Missouri.

Small exhausted chert cores called (scaled pieces) were used to peck grooves or circular pockets into less resistant rocks to form such tools as the shaft abrader and anvil.During the Dalton period, sugar maple, hornbeam, beech, and walnut covered the uplands, and ash, bald cypress, and other temperate hardwoods grew along sloughs and terraces in the bottomlands.Dalton people probably had knowledge of a wide range of plant species that were edible or could be used as medicines.The Dalton Period extends from 10,500 to 9,900 radiocarbon years ago (circa 8500 to 7900 BC), during which there existed a culture of ancient Native American hunter-gatherers (referred to as the Dalton people) who made a distinctive set of stone tools that are today found at sites across the middle of the United States.The name “Dalton” was first used in 1948 to refer to a style of chipped stone projectile point/knife.

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Dalton points were generally lanceolate (leaf-shaped) in outline.